Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enough with the affairs

Ok so Tiger Woods and Jack Neo had multiple affairs. And before that, the hyper-conservative British politician in Northern Ireland cheated on her husband with a boy half her age.

It happens, and it happens a lot because people marry the wrong person, married on a whimp, married on social pressure, or they plain and simple changed (or didn't).

This is life and this is human nature. You marry with both eyes open, and after that you keep one closed if you want it to last.

A friend once told me that guys marry the woman hoping she doesn't change, and women marry men hoping they will. There in lies the root of disappointed expectations and inevitable failure in marriage.

But who am I to speak. I'm not married. I'm not close to it and I certainly am not going to.

What's with marriage anyway? It's like marking your territory in the eyes of the law. What has the law to do with my personal life? As it is it's invaded enough of my personal space. It's unnecessary pressure to make sure the relationship works, otherwise there will be FINANCIAL penalties, as if the emotional ones are not enough.

In the past I can understand why the law had to step in because women were financially dependent on men. But we live in different times. In fact I know of many women who use the law to milk their ex-husbands for money.

This of course is not to say there aren't genuine cases. But seriously, if you want to be with the person, then be. Why let something that's meant to be between 2 people, become the State's business...and for the unfortunate Woods and Jack, it's now the whole damn world's business.

Give 'em a break. There are bigger things happening in this world.


Anonymous said...

his god, probably responding to prayers by his wife and pastors, was responsible for chastising his double life.this god whipped his ass good in public so that JN will remember this lesson for life, by subjecting his amicable wife to public humiliation and further reduce her into a crying mess, the experience will definitely be etched in his memory for the rest of his life. i suspect, his mojo will probably suffers severe performance degradation. hence, public chastisement did him a favor and speeded his salvation process.
and to further ensure his transformation is genuine, i think this god wants a public confession that he is truly sorry and will never use his wealth and power to harm others again.

complainking said...

Agree that he has suffered enough. Media has been calling him a hypocrite but he never proclaimed to be clean as a whistle. Like any business, lying is part of the selling, and when Jack tells us that cheating is wrong, it's a all too common case of the people not practicing what they preach. The only people he has let down is his family and he doesn't owe the general public anything.

Carpediem said...

Totally agree Complainking. This whole thing is an internal family affair. The public has no business rubbing salt into his and his family's wounds.

And Mr/Ms Anonymous, I think we should leave god out of this really. If god indeed had any hand in this, there would be a whole lot more affairs being exposed out there. It's called suay and bad luck he chose to hook up with that neurotic ugly thing with a face of a monkey's arse. Some model she is....

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe those defending him is also defending themselves.

Put it this way,no one who is in Jack's position would want to answer to anyone if possible, including family members.

But wait. His family ALREADY KNEW( for many years). If not for the media, Jack would have carried out more sex escapades.

Now how would you like if your sister, mother, girl friend and daughter became his next lusty meal?

So who is the true hypocrite here?

Anonymous said...

You r too presumptous. If ppl want to get involved it is not bad per se. I happen to know of a man once who got into hot soup as the deacon of this mega church ambushed his wife and this man was found guilty without even the benefit of being able to tell his version of the story. In this case what did JN lack? He has rich and powerful frens. He was even allowed a press conference. This man I know did not even have 1/1,000 of what JN had