Thursday, July 22, 2010

Party Against Poverty III @ Timbre @ The Substation

Hi guys!!

I'm organising a third fundraiser party next Wed (28 July) for a
Medical and Nutrition Project for Burmese Street Kids in Thailand I started with some friends.

You can find out more about our project on facebook (join us here).

10% of all food and beverage sales from the night will go to our project, so just by being there you'll already be contributing to the kids.

Details of the fundraiser are:

Venue: Timbre @ The Substation [45 Armenian Street]

Date: 28 July (Wed)

Time: 6:30pm onwards


Our home grown local talents, Jack and Rai will be doing a special 30 min acoustic set from 8.15-8.45pm before their usual set just to support this project, so COME EARLY!!

After that, the full band will play another set from 9.15-10pm where they will do “DONATIONS BY REQUEST”. This means you can get song donation coupons from us in exchange for a donation to the project, and the band will play your song request. Our guys will be going around with the coupons and donation boxes.

10% of all food and beverage sales between 6-10pm from that night will go to our Medical and Nutrition project, so come ready to eat and drink loads!!!

Bring friends, spread the word and hope to see you there!


Carpe Diem

P.s. When you arrive just say that you're there for Party Against Poverty and they'll direct you to the reserved sitting area :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How about wakeboarding in Orchard Road

Wonder what will happen if we tried this in Orchard Road or Bukit Timah...heeeheee...

Eh Wakeboarders in Singapore!!! Wake up your idea!!! Give us some urban action leh!!! Lookin forward to the next flood! :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Orchard Wave

Nice one by Mr. Brown. I say this beats the ridiculous Youth Olympic Song hands down. They should have just commissioned Mr Brown to write the song and save us the national embarrassment we have to endure for the next few weeks.

I think it's rather condescending for the government to straight out say Singaporeans should not expect a flood free Singapore when they've been boasting all these years about their impeccable drainage system and risk planning foresight. Singaporeans don't expect a perfect government, but we don't appreciate an arrogant one either. Just admit your shortcomings where they exist, work on it and move on...