Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's war everywhere, but life as usual

Last week we saw Russia invade Georgia, continue to encroach upon Georgian territory despite signing a cease-fire agreement. The latest news today is that President Dmitry Medvedev promised France's Sarkozy that tomorrow Russian troops will start to withdraw to the pre-conflict territorial lines.

Now Ukraine is saying they are willing to make its early missile warning systems available to Europe in response to what's happening in Georgia, and the U.S. is sparing no words in censuring Russia for not playing by the rules and breaking its word.

Move further east and you'll read of more fighting in Afghanistan. 23 aid workers were killed in Afghanistan the first 8 months this year and the security situation has been deteriorating.

To the South, Pakistan is faring no better. The country has been hit by one crisis after another. This year alone, we saw the assassination of pro-democracy (whatever that means) Benazir Bhutto, followed by suicide bombings almost every month, not to mention the audacious attacks on the Indian embassy and popular restaurant in prominent part of Khabul where diplomats and expats are known to frequent. And there's the continued border disputes in Kashmir with India, that has led to clashes with Indian police.


Moving further east, we saw the Thais and Cambodians on the brink of a military face off over border disputes over the territory around the Priya Vihear temple.

In the Philippines, the Muslim separatist group MILF started armed conflict with government forces when the Christians influenced a supreme court ruling to suspend an agreement that would give them an autonomous muslim territory.

I could go on all night. But really...everyday, when I walk into the news room, and I look at the news schedule for the day, I marvel at how far removed we really are from all this chaos and suffering, as we cheered, squealed and squirmed while we watched Singapore get our asses kicked by China in the women's table tennis finals today.

Apparently the world goes on, war or no war, or precisely because of war

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