Saturday, July 19, 2008

For Starters

Can't figure why I had not thought about this sooner. So many thoughts have come and gone, great discussions had and simply not recorded. So, I thought it would be apt to start my maiden entry with a poem I wrote inspired by a chain of discussions I've had with a very international group of people who have questions about why Singapore is the way it is, and whether people here are really simply just apathetic or too cautious to say what they think.

Democracy for Fools

This is a county built brick on brick,
Covered in gentle smog barely thick.
All in the name of prosperity
We silence our thoughts in exchange for stupidity.

In the quiet of our minds,
We have right to write.
In the public of masses,
We have right to think alike.
But in the name of stability,
Keep them unwritten in the annals of history.

Indeed we are not alone.
Seeds of free thought in fertile fields are sown.
Indeed our numbers are many,
But fear and baggage keeps a nervous tranquility.

But what part of peace are we to pay?
How much of us are we to give away?
So that fools have the right to speak,
While the wise in silence forever retreat?

July, 2008

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